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The World's Finest.

For over twenty years, Streetrod has been manufacturing cars with a standard of excellence found nowhere else. Our impeccable attention to detail, devotion to quality and performance, and unparalleled artisan skill set has resulted in a magnificent suite of head-turning golf and leisure vehicles. 

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The esteemed Streetrod fabrication team is comprised of hard-working Americans who care deeply about their craft. At every step of the build process, they scrutinize and sculpt the cars to perfection. Though they might tell you otherwise, these men and women are nothing short of artisans. 

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Completely Customizable

Customers select the model and body style. Personalization continues with choice of paint colors from the endless array of PPG Professional Automotive Finishes.   Upholstery fabric and colors are selected from a suite of premium marine grade products. Optional equipment and customizations completes the vehicle.

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"Now this is how you cruise the course in style."

— The PGA